Saturday, 18 June 2011

Father's day handprint frame

This morning, I got little miss J to make her Father's Day present! We started with some paint on her teeny little hands, which were then transferred to a 5' x 7' artist canvas. 
Aren't they the cutest??

As the paint dried, I got her to try painting some flowers with cut straws which I found over at Putti Prapancha.

She really enjoyed that and then decided she wanted a run of the brush instead!

Once the canvas was dry, she added on some smiley faces and we slipped it into a frame.

Packed up and decorated with a little flower made of magazine paper and a little tag which I cut and crimped using my very talented friend's paper crimper, you can find her here. She makes some awesome cards! The tag reads "Specially handmade for you by Sanaa Jacob".

He's going to love this - he's also going to get it today instead of tomorrow as little miss J will say as soon as he walks in the door " Daddy I made you a present!!! ". We haven't quite learnt the idea of a surprise yet!!!!

Total cost for this project:
Artist canvas - £1.00
Ready mix paint - £1.00
Frame - £0.99
Stickers - on hand

Total cost: £2.99
Total value: Priceless!


  1. I bet Daddy loved it:)
    Here in Portugal Father's Day is in March 19th... Day of Saint Joseph (Father of Jesus Christ).

    Sanaa must have had a great time doing it!

  2. I love painted hand, and foot prints. I've always found the children really love it and are proud of their creations. You are right. It is priceless. (Some of mine still struggle with keeping a good secret.)

  3. Precious! My kids are the same way, no surprises around here! ;) Thanks for linking up today, we appreciate it! Have a great Sunday!!

  4. We made this for Daddy too ;) Great minds think alike!! Thanks so much for linking up to "Strut Your Stuff Sunday!" We appreciate it! Thank you for sharing and hope to see you every Sunday :)


  5. I bet Daddy was thrilled.
    I had the same issues with my little one too regarding secrets!!
    Lovely blog you have here
    I am becoming your follower

  6. Glad you let ur kiddo try our straw painting! Love the handprint gift for daddy! We made handprints too:)
    Thanks for the link:)


  7. love it! any day of the year!

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