Wednesday, 21 September 2011

DIY fairy princess wand

I sat surrounded by all my craft stuff after ages today and it felt so good!!! Little Miss J has to dress up like a princess  for a charity fundraiser they're doing at nursery.  Now I don't have a princess outfit for her but I do have a fairy outfit with wings so she's going as a fairy princess.  Since no self-respecting fairy can go without a wand, I set about to fashion her one from stuff I had lying around the house.  It had to be pink to match her dress and of course there had to be glitter!!!  The rest of it was a piece of cardboard for the star, some pink paper, a bubble wand that she no longer plays with, some kitchen foil and some mod podge.

I love how it turned out! Thrifty DIY rocks!


  1. How this is so cool. Love it. Do add a pink ribbon if you have it


  2. I absolutely love the way you do all this craft.

  3. I bet the mother enjoyed the wand more than the daughter;)



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