Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter - my first proper craft project!

So I popped into to pick up the little monster at nursery last week and got a little note saying there is an 'Easter Bonnet' parade for the kids in 10 days time...Now while ignorance is bliss, it isn't always so as I had no idea what an Easter bonnet was. A few questions sorted that out and then the jitters set in as I have always thought of myself as not having a single arty bone in my body!

My first reaction was to go and buy her one from the store! But then my lovely friend Carla, who is very skilled and you can find her here, helped me to get into doing something on my own and this is the result!

I bought a plain bonnet at the store for £2.00.

Made a few things from stuff I had lying around - although I did buy the little chicks! I'm not that clever! Oh, and I had the pink flowers lying around from a card making bag I had bought a few years ago. Everything else I made from scratch!

And this was the end result! Ta da!

So not only did my crafting skills get a kick start, but also managed to recycle stuff which I had around which always feels good rather than it just going to the tip. I think I'm hooked now!


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