Saturday, 23 April 2011

The mania continues

While I'm hooked on this crafting stuff, I checked out a tutorial for fabric flowers which you can find here. Ok so its not the neatest job, but I'm only just getting into it - so you will have to bear with me. Practice makes perfect!

I took a plain black hairband, which cost about £0.40.

Made a fabric flower with some fabric I had lying around.

And hot glued it to the hairband with some felt for backing.

I know its very girly - but the sun has been shining and summer is around the corner, what better reason to get all the girly accessories out!


  1. Now you have the glue gun nothing will ever stp you! Go girl!

    It looks great!

  2. Ha ha true that Carla - I'm having so much fun.


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