Friday, 27 May 2011

Bird feeder - killing time one afternoon

This was an afternoon project with little Miss J. She was very excited with the idea of creating something to eat for the birds - I swear she is obsessed with food in all forms!

You will need:

Stale bread (cut into circles) or if you're in my house, the crumpets that Mr. J bought and forgot to eat!!!!
Some bird seed (I just used a mix of seeds I had at home)
Peanut butter

If you're using bread, cut out a circle of bread. Stick a straw in to make a tiny hole and put the twine through and tie a knot. You will want to leave the bread out for a day or two so that it gets hardened.

Since my crumpets were already stale - I didn't have to leave it out to harden.

I got Little Miss J to spread the peanut butter on to the crumpet.....this took the most time and kept her busy!!!

Then she sprinkled on the seeds over the crumpet.

Give it a little knock to drop the excess seeds and ta da! You have your very own bird feeder!

Tie it somewhere the birds can perch and peck at it! We're now keeping a watch closely to see whether we actually can get any to come into our tiny garden!!!!

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  1. great idea!! the birds love this kinda stuff

  2. That's so sweet, feeding the birds!

  3. Great project for not only the birds but for your daugher! Thanks for linking up and sharing this project!

  4. ah! that plat looks extremely familiar....! i think mom has it too!


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