Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tutu Time

I've been wanting to make little Miss J a tutu for a while now. Since sewing is not up my alley at all, I decided to scour the web for a no sew one. I used a combo of two tutorials which you can find here and here.

I bought one meter of tulle in purple, which in hindsight was too little and next time around I would buy more. So what I have is a short tutu but who cares - it looks lovely anyway :)

You need some tulle in a colour of your choice, some elastic, measuring tape, scissors and a craft mat if you have one.

Measure your child's waist and then subtract 3 inches - that is the amount of elastic you need. For e.g little Miss J's waist measured 19.5 inches and I used 16.5 inches of elastic. Sew the end of the elastic together to create a hoop.

Pull the elastic up to your thigh like a girdle. This makes it easy to loop the strips of tulle and tie knots tightly together until the whole elastic is filled up. You can refer to the tutorial links for how to make the knots....both tutorials show different knots and you can choose whichever one you prefer.

And the end result was this.

Doesn't it look lovely? Let me know what you think :)


  1. I did one for Marília a few months ago. It's here:

    It's a great idea isn't it?


  2. They are cute aren't they? I used too little material for mine! So when I do the next one it will be better! :))

  3. so cute! the dress and Sanaa in it!

  4. I think it's better if short; Marília is always complaining because it makes her legs itch... But, if you have a next time, do as I did, both Tutu and Fairy wings (wire, glue and tule or lycra is all you need) :) They love it!




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