Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Felt flower choker necklace

I was working on a few flower pins to give as presents the other day, when I fancied making myself a quick choker necklace - the glue gun was hot! You can't let that go to waste! Now since I don't dabble in jewellery - I didn't have anything like a clasp or jump rings. But I really fancied this necklace, so here's what I did for a quick fix. I apologise for the quality of my pictures - I was more excited about the outcome and the pictures were a rushed affair!

I picked out some ribbon, a strip of felt and some velcro dots.

I cut the felt strip through all the way like so and then rolled it into a flower. A full tutorial of the felt flower can be found here.

I cut the ribbon to the size of my neck and then added velcro dots to the end.

I hot glued my felt flower to the ribbon.

And ta da - I had my quick fix choker necklace. Obviously this would keep better if made with a clasp, but for now this will do! Isn't purple the best colour ever????


  1. Definitely agree purple is the best! I love it, oddly enough I spent the weekend making felt flowers for necklaces, mine are on necklace braids, but I do love your choker idea... must give that a goo this weekend

  2. I like it!

    I'm doing your bracelets for my preschoolers!




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