Sunday, 12 June 2011

Save the Planet Sunday #3

Sunday's around again and its time to talk 'green' again! I was out and about with Little Miss J yesterday and stopped at the flea market on a whim.  And was I glad I did.....a lady was selling plants and wrapping up, so I scored 7 sweet pea plants and a tray of greyhound cabbages, along with the planting tub, all for the stately price of £2.00!!!! I was very pleased with myself and now they've all found a home in my little back garden. 

Now for my little contribution to the planet.  I have actually been doing this for sometime now.  Every morning, when I boil water in the kettle for a cup of coffee, I fill the kettle to maximum and after using what I need, I pour the remaining boiling water into a flask.   I use this water from the flask for anything that requires hot water, whether that be more cups of coffee, or a recipe that calls for water while cooking. This way the water is already hot and less energy is utilized.  If I don't use the water all day, then when it has cooled down the next morning, it gets used for all the plants on my window sill.  Saving water and saving energy! 


  1. All that for that money??? AMAZING!

  2. Don't you just love it when you find such bargains! Its win-win. Using small local producers has got to be a good thing and even more eco-friendly.

    The lavender farm we visited is near Frome. The we site is


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