Sunday, 5 June 2011

Save the Planet Sunday Challenge #2

Its Save the Planet Sunday again and in my quest for making small changes towards being more "green", I thought I'd start experimenting with all the different uses for distilled white vinegar, considering there are so many!

This summer, I am trying to grow a few of my own veggies and herbs. Little Miss J loves watering them and watching them grow and I want to try and keep these little lovelies healthy without using any chemicals if I can help it. There is nothing more satisfying that being able to pick out my own mint for my salad and I can't wait for the tomatoes to make an appearance! But most of all, I would like them to be chemical free.





Chives, Rosemary and Coriander

So, I created my homemade slug killer with one part distilled white vinegar and one part water. I recycled a febreeze sprayer (thoroughly cleaned out of course) and have sprayed all my lovely plants with them today and will now wait to see the results.


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